Web Development

Website Development

In today's tech-driven society, companies cannot survive the competition without a professional looking and functioning website. With a website,
both small and large-scale organizations have more opportunities to reach customers all over the globe.
A website is not just a group of web pages, it gives the customer an insight into the idea behind your company.
Information about your business, products, and services is easily accessible with the help of a good website.

Our website development service involves planning, designing, and creation of your website according to your specification and business needs.
In this process we plan the:

  • Layout
  • Content development
  • Colour
  • Menus
  • User Interface
  • Images
  • And other elements as specified.

Corporate, responsive, E-business solutions and Content management system (CMS) are the main types of web developments we offer at Intel Ape.

Complete front end and back end development: we understand that the needs of businesses are different and ever-changing.
That is why we create every website with a unique code for optimal impact.
Our team consists of experts specializing in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and web AI.
We will help you pick what will work best for your ideal site.

Responsive websites: More people are accessing the internet from mobile devices these days and it's a great opportunity to showcase your business.
Innovative companies all over the world are choosing to use responsive websites because it saves cost, looks better and it has a better user experience.
We create unique and functional responsive sites that capture the attention of customers no matter the type of device they are using.

Content Management System

based website (CMS): A CMS makes it easy for you to maintain and grow your website.
We offer WordPress, Open Cart, and Drupal framework-based websites which we use to create all types of sites.
We also offer you the option of adding any of the mentioned CMS frameworks to an HTML5 website as a subdomain.

E-commerce solution:

Want to sell online? E-commerce sales worldwide has been forecasted to reach $4 trillion by 2020.
We will make your online business a reality with our range of services specifically created for customers who want to sell digital or physical products online. Your e-commerce store can be a part of an offline store or a standalone operation. Our team of experts will build a simple, manageable, yet fully functional website that will make your products sell.
We provide additional services for clients looking to create an e-commerce website which includes suitable payment gateways, delivery options, legal content and much more.

Website Design:

Although our website development service includes web design, we offer a specific framework, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) service for bigger projects. Our team of graphic designers is proficient with top design software including Adobe's Photoshop, XD and Bootstrap templating.
Our flexible and easy to use designs will allow visitors to navigate your site with ease.

Website maintenance:

Website maintenance is necessary to keep up your site performance. We provide regular update of content and code by adding the new and deleting the old.
We strongly advise all our clients to include website maintenance in their plans because of security reasons.
Website maintenance reduces the chances of your site getting hacked. Our website maintenance service includes but is not limited to:

  • Uploading of content
  • Updating to latest code/framework
  • Updating design
  • Add/delete web pages
  • Update site registration

It's important that you update your site regularly to improve the quality, SEO optimized page rank, traffic and of course sales.

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