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Intel Ape

Provides industry standard solutions that help clients harness the power of digital innovation to drive business growth.
We offer a range of technological services for small and medium scale organizations.
Our mission has always been to build professional relationships with our customers to provide reliable and specific solutions that fit their needs.

We have successfully partnered with major businesses and Government parastatals.
Whether you have a start-up or looking to take your business to the next level,
Intel Ape offers you the opportunity to realize your company's goals.
Our creative team will help you build an online presence, reach your target audience, and offer the best customer experience.

With a focus on the needs of businesses, we provide custom solutions that connect your ideas with current market trends.

We offer a range of technology services including website design, web development, App creation, office connectivity, cloud computing, and strategic business marketing.
We don't settle for good enough as we are always focused on helping our partners drive leads, make sales and achieve set goals.

At Intel Ape, we guarantee reliable innovative tech digital solutions that work. We are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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