Cloud Computing

Does your company deal with a lot of data or require access to sophisticated cloud technology?

Intel Ape can help you secure your data by taking advantage of the new cloud computing revolution.
We use platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google cloud to provide hosting services.
Cloud computing presents a lot of opportunities for you to efficiently grow your business. Our expert technicians are available to help you choose the proper tech integration suitable for your company's specific needs. Software as a service (SAAS),
Platform as a service (PAAS), and Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) are the service models which you can access to drive business growth.

When you switch to the cloud, you take a stance to securely protect your data. You take control of who gets access to your company's information by using permissions.
The Cloud also offers SMEs and large corporations access to virtual computing. You can store, build, test and run any type of application in a virtual environment making it faster to implement your amazing ideas.
The best part of it all is that cloud computing is simple to implement, affordable and easily scalable.

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